Our Photography Promise

Our product photography may not be the best, but we strive to ensure it is the most honest. That is why we stand by our photography promise:

We will be consistent

We will do our best to maintain consistent quality and positioning for all our images, this is so you know exactly where to look when you're shopping for your next set of dice and so you can compare with ease.

We will be honest

The set we photograph will always be randomly chosen and, with exception of D20 closeups, be placed on random numbers. We will never position dice to look more favourable nor will we hide unfavourable angles. 

We will be clear

All the main photos we take will be on a clear white background and under white lighting. This is to show you the true colours of the dice without props or backgrounds interfering with them.

We will never edit the photos to mislead about the colours, nor 'fix' imperfections with the dice.