Rewards Terms & Conditions

At DiceRoll UK we currently offer two types of rewards: Credit and Discount. The Terms and Conditions are dependant on the type of card you have.

Credit Rewards

Credit rewards behave in an identical manner to Gift Cards. As such, they are tied in part to the Terms of Service as set forward by our platform operator, Shopify, whose terms can be read here.

Credit Rewards CAN NOT:

- Be used outside of the DiceRollUK website (;
- Be topped up, withdrawn from or otherwise have the balance altered outside of making purchases and being refunded;
- Be exchanged for cash;
- Have funds transferred or refunded if access to the code or card is lost.

Credit Rewards CAN:

- Be used in addition to other gift cards and discounts;
- Be transferred freely.

Credit Rewards WILL NOT:

- Expire. However, cards with a balance of £0.00 may be removed from our systems.

Discount Rewards

Discount rewards will offer you a fixed amount off your order. There are no spend limits on discounts and can be used on any purchase amount. However, a number of conditions do apply.

Discount Rewards:
- Do NOT work in conjunction with other discount codes.
- Are limited to a single use.
- Expire after 3 months.