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Product Description

These real gemstone amethyst dice are truly a sight to behold.

Amethyst were once believed to protect one from drunkenness, their name even originates from the greek word αμέθυστος, meaning "not intoxicated". In terms of Dungeons & Dragons though, they may be a good option for a constitution save!

Due to being carved from real amethyst, every single dice is truly unique with rich histories hidden within the stones. Each dice is also features sharp golden numbering. 

Comes with a protective PU Leather case.

More Information
  • Full Polyset: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D%.
  • Comes with a protective PU Leather Case


I ordered this as its my sons birth stone. The customer service was amazing. They checked and double checked that I had the correct wording for the engraving. My son opened his gift this morning and loved it. Thank you
Review by Ruthie
Absolutely beautiful
These were a gift for my wife, she loves collecting dice and these will be a wonderful addition to her collection. Thank you for the fantastic service and the beautiful dice
Review by Jet
Great service, great quality dice
I ordered these a couple of days ago for my partner. They arrived within two days. The picture is an accurate representation of what the dice are like, with the amethyst ranging from vivid purple to almost black on the same dice.

They're weighty and solid, and cut really well. The choice of font, and the clarity, makes them particularly beautiful. The case that's included is also well made.

I'm really happy with these, and with the speed of service. I wouldn;t hesitate to order from here again.
Review by Olly
Nice dice
Review by Lidd of the Beth
Lizard brain is happy with the shiny stones
Guys, the dice is exquisite. And they threw in a free gnoll stickerpack.
Gotta say, this set rolls great when it's really important, and crit fails when you just wanna do some stupid sh*t. It's got character. Definitely recommend.
Review by Olesya
Beautiful dice great service
So happy with the dice, the box, and the engraving. These were a gift to a pal and she absolutely loved them. The contact with the seller was responsive, quick, and they went above and beyond. Amazing stuff
Review by Kevin O
Wonderful product
Very nice set of dice. They have helped me as a DM in that they always roll a natural 20, even the D4. Wonderful!
Review by Carl
Beautiful dice with unique patterns from the gemstone! They're polished and have a good weight. They're perfect for a dice lover, these won't just get thrown into the hoard. They're special!
Review by Nari
Dice arrived just as expected - with good weight and lovely craftsmanship. They are well cut and I couldn't find any imperfections in the dice faces nor along the edges. Number engraving is clear and the gold compliments the colour of the amethyst well. The leather case is also sturdy and feels well-made.
Review by Bernard
mmm pretty stone
Review by Anonymous
Excellent Dice
Everything about these dice is wonderful - the craftmanship is solid, their weight is perfect, and the numbers are clear. Highly recommend if you’re looking for something a little more fancy with a natural touch.
Review by Chad M.
Jewellery? Nah, too old fashioned. I'll take some excessively lavish dice instead please.
With a landmark Birthday coming up, my parents wanted to get me a memorable token. They had gotten my sister a necklace at the same age, and asked if I wanted a watch or something in that vein.

That's not really my style. After a little contemplation, I realised I hadn't treated myself to any new dice in a while. After a little searching I came across these stunning specimens. Carved from my birthstone and used for my favourite pastime, what present could be more perfect?!

Beautiful set of dice, with a really satisfying weight to them. Numbers stand out cleanly against the Amethyst, and from a quick test seem to be well balanced. Now I just need my birthday to come around to get to really put them to use.

Ordered early Thursday morning, arrived Saturday (to NI, which after brexit can be a nightmare), and are the best presented and packaged dice I have and received, coming in a lovely leather wallet, with a foam insert to keep them well protected during delivery and beyond.

The price may put some off, but if you're a veteran player, or looking for a gift for one, I would highly recommend! What can I say, I just love fancy number rocks, and these are amongst the fanciest.
Review by Self confessed dice addict
Worth the money!
The dice are cut really beautifully. The stone is really nice and deep In Colour. Plus the font is nicer than the usual one you get on plastic dice. They were shipped quickly and came in a velvet presentation box. My character is a Druid and plastic dice were never going to roll with her anyway… PUN INTENDED!
Review by Totos