Caged Dragon D20 - Bronze


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Product Description
Ensnared within the metal frame, a dragon awaits to unleash its power...

The Caged Dragon D20 dice is an intricate and detailed work of art. This metal dice is unique in design with a model of a dragon being trapped within the bronze frame. Not only that, the numbers are place more stylistically than is usually seen with dice of this kind; being aligned to the edges rather than centered to the faces. 

More Information
  • 1 x D20
  • D20 Measures Approx. 22.0mm Face To Face


Beautiful if not imperfect
First of let me stress... This die is BEAUTIFUL!! The numbers are clear, the weight is good, it rolls seemingly fairly.

I did consider dropping it to 4 stars but honestly I deemed it unfair

The reason for this considered drop? The caged dragon is a bit difficult to see. If it can be considered then the internal dragon could be silver and the outer dice, black and I think it would show off all the features better.

But this is my personal opinion and honestly I was stuck between the silver and bronze for the internal design solely! The bronze won out because the dice (again I believe) looks better in black and gold

Do not hesitate!
Buy this dice!
Review by John
Amazing D20
The detail in the Caged Dragon D20 is amazing, has a nice ringing metal noise when it hits the ground or something else. It is very light but not much bigger than a standard D20 and it fits my windowed tin case from DiceRollUK nicely.

The dragon is nicely shaped inside the D20 cage with amazing detail, it is hard to see though as it is inside the cage. Maybe different shaped objects/creatures inside the D20 cage can be more visible.
Review by Ian Ocampo