Demon Eye - Brown


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Product Description

Are you feeling.. watched?

These dice have their eye on you. Perfect for running a BBEG, playing a lizardfolk, or just being plain creepy. 

The dice consist of a base layer with an eye on top, all encapsulated within brown-hue resin!


More Information
  • Full Polyset: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D%.
  • Weighs Approx. 36 g

Colour Variants

Ever feel like you are being watched?
Our party has a saying, 'Say goodbye to your eyes'. This is a threat to any who oppose us or seek to do harm to us or any of the towns we travel to.
These dice were perfect for our Leonin Paladin, who seems to collect ears and eyes for her deity. I've not yet questioned why she feels the need to do this, but I'm also a little too scared to do so as she rolls high almost all the time, which is made even easier now with these creepy AF eyeball dice, that seem to look straight at you upon rolling a nat 20...
Review by Rory Kennard