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Dice Gnoll Dice Bag | Barbarian

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Product Description

Gnolls are feared hyena men known for their voracious appetite and their penchant for carnage and chaos! Our Dice Gnolls' appetites however lie elsewhere... A strange bunch with a fascination for dice and gaming, making these adorable "gnolltatoes" the perfect dice-rolling companions!

The barbarian is known for their brutality and their ferocity -- even so, they are known to be silly goobers none the less!

This dice bag measures 9 x 12cm and is made of a high quality velvet.

More Information
  • 9cm x 12cm
  • Velvet Construction
  • String Tie
  • DiceRoll UK Exclusive

First of all, the despatch time and customer service from Karl is brilliant! The Knoll Dice bag is lovely, easily fits two sets of customer dice I am using this for and the artwork is lovely!
Review by Peter- The Rebel GM