Dragon Scale - Royal


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Product Description

A golden frame with a beautiful scaled purple infill; giving the air of nobility and honour! Perfect for any dragonborn, especially those of noble heritage! 

  • Full Polyset: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D%.
  • Set weighs approx. 170g
  • D20 is 22.5mm face to face
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Dragon Scale - Royal

Dragon Scale for a Dragonborn 🐲
So I started playing DnD in late March this year, my Frist Character is a Golden Dragonborn level six (At the time of this review) Battle Master Fighter called Braydax of Clan Mar'roc. So my group is playing an extended Lost mines of Phandelver Campaign and my Frist ever attack roll to a Goblin leader was a natural one and I ending up hitting a tree which has been a recurring joke to his day. Even our newest member has said saying that I was a tree cutter, to which our DM who was voicing a wererat Mafia boss saying in this Marlon Brando voice, if your a lumberjack than your ok, a reference to a Monty Python song. I'm still laughing about still. Oh and the Dice are great to.
Review by Martyn Beale