Elvish Dice - White & Black


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Product Description

From the aura of blinding light a tall figure materialised, with long hair fanning in an otherworldly evanescent wind and tapered ears shown clearly in silhouette. It was foolish to think you would be able to cross elvish lands undetected...

A graceful yet dazzlingly bright white polyset decorated with elegant elvish script and imagery in black ink.

These dice are a perfect selection for those with elvish blood in their veins.

More Information
  • Full Polyset: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D%.
  • Weighs Approx. 26 g
  • Perfect for any elf!
  • D20 Measures Approx. 19.0mm Face To Face
  • Shipped In Retail Packaging

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