Gyld Damage Dice - Bardic Inspiration


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Product Description

*Updated Box Design -- Picture Out Of Date*

We're proud to be one of the first UK sellers to offer the magnificent Damage Dice from Gyld!

The damage dice sets contain all the dice you need to start dealing damage to your foes, they also each come with a themed dice pouch to keep the dice safe. 

Though not for dealing damage directly, the Bardic Inspiration dice can help inspire your party to deal damage and deal it hard.l


More Information
  • 5 x D6
  • 5 x D8
  • 5 x D10
  • 5 x D12
  • Themed Dice Bag
  • Shipped In Retail Packaging
  • Part Of The Damage Dice Collection

Gyld Damage Dice - Bardic Inspiration

Dice, Dice Baby!
Stop, collaborate and listen these dice these dice are an incredible edition.... but seriously they're beautiful I'd highly recommend Gyld damage dice to anyone, im currently using the Sneak Attack dice for my rogue, and bought these for my next character. They get a great reaction at the table, and I can't wait to use them.

DiceRoll are also the best, they're have the biggest range, best prices and super fast delivery. Thanks for being awesome!
Review by Miller Ice
Gyld Dice? In the UK?! Yes please
Let's get the boring bit out the way, the dice are lovely and the delivery is super duper quick!

Now, the reaction these bad boys got at the table was one of wonder and amazement as it's much easier to remember you've got Bardic Inspiration when you have a lovely purple lad sat in front of you!

Came with a bunch of stickers and just generally well received. Will buy again! Need to get the fire ones...
Review by Russ Petch