Gyld Damage Dice - Bless


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We're proud to be one of the first UK sellers to offer the magnificent Damage Dice from Gyld!

The Damage Dice sets contain the dice most needed during combat, made explicitly to roll out a whole load o' hurt and styled to match a specific damage type. Also comes with an appropriately themed dice pouch to keep them together.

Support your allies with these dazzling dice of blessing, translucent blue d12s with both white and gold inking. Pass them around when you cast bless!

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    • Weighs Approx. 50 g
    • Themed Dice Bag
    • 5 x D12
    • Shipped In Retail Packaging
    • Part Of The Damage Dice Collection

    Box Transcription - Rear
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    Bless Dice are 12-sided dice labeled 1-4 to pass out when you cast Bless! They double as a reminder of the blessing, and as a satisfying die to roll for the bonus. Gyld Damage Dice are polyhedral dice designed to give damage rolls what they deserve--big fistfuls of dice themed for the damage being done. Build your collection for your favorite player character, or collect all the damage types at