Gyld Damage Dice - Death Saves


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*Updated Box Design -- Picture Out Of Date*

The Death Save Dice make an incredible tool for creating intensity in the battle between life and death. There is a dice for each of the possible maximum rolls, allowing you to roll a separate dice each time, giving a clear indication as to direction of your fate!

More Information
  • 5 x Death Save Dice
  • Themed Dice Bag
  • Shipped In Retail Packaging
  • Part Of The Damage Dice Collection

Gyld Damage Dice - Death Saves

Great dice, would have been nice to know about the curse...
Really nice set of dice, with the white skulls and red hearts really popping vibrantly against the black background. Granted, these don't do anything a standard D20 doesn't do in terms of death saves, but there is something very satisfying about simplifying the rolls to either "success" or "fail".
The pouch is basic, but a nice addition to the set, and makes it nice and clear where your Death Save dice are when you need them.
The only downside to them is the built-in curse. When mine arrived, I gave them a test roll straight away. All 5 rolled a fail. While I love these dice and am glad I bought them, I will be reserving them strictly for use on characters I don't like, at least until they learn to behave themselves.
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