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Gyld Damage Dice - Piercing

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Product Description

We're proud to be one of the first UK sellers to offer the magnificent Damage Dice from Gyld!

The Damage Dice sets contain the dice most needed during combat, made explicitly to roll out a whole load o' hurt and styled to match a specific damage type. Also comes with an appropriately themed dice pouch to keep them together.

Strike straight at the heart of your enemies with these stunning piercing damage dice. Near black dice with striking gold ink and a soft dash of glitter. 

    More Information
    • 2 x D4
    • 4 x D6
    • 2 x D8
    • 2 x D10
    • 2 x D12
    • 2 x D20
    • Themed Dice Bag
    • Shipped In Retail Packaging
    • Part Of The Damage Dice Collection