Leather Dice Box - Black


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Product Description

A beautiful black PU leather crafted box to store your most valued set! With the generous spacing, it ensures a safe home for even your larger dice. It also features a magnetic closing lid, so you can even store smaller sets without worrying too much about them rolling all over the place!

  • D20 space large enough for 23mm dice.
  • Magnetic lid ensures a secure close.
  • Dice not included

More Information
  • Part Of The Storage Collection
  • Can only be shipped in the UK

Leather Dice Box - Black

Old gamers don't die they get better dice!
As more gamers get to ages ripe for "special gifts" this case with its engraving make a great impression. A 50th birthday of a long term friend gave me an excuse to get some beautifully shiny golden dice (the Monarch's Dice) in this case with an unsubtle engraving to remind him he is probably "too old for this type of thing" :) NEVER! NEVER TOO OLD!

Anyway - great service - got the whole order in a few days after a little back and forth with the friendly staff on the style of the engraving. I was impressed with what arrived and so was he.
However I feel all new dice sets should come with a free set of luck, so they don't try and kill his favourite character and mostly end up in a "dice jail". These are the risks we take with new dice... sigh!
Review by Alex
I bought this with their gears dice. I really appreciate that they allowed personalisation as I wanted to make it extra special because I cannot give this gift in person. My boyfriend said: its really good quality, the inside is padded and outside feels like leather, will keep it for a long time.
Thank you so much!
Review by love-chan