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Product Description

With their beautiful bandings of deep black and vibrant greens, this synthetic Malachite makes an amazing material for dice. Cleanly crafted and unique, they make a perfect addition for any dice hoard. 

We recommend rolling these dice upon a dice tray to protect your surfaces from their hardness.

Comes with a protective PU Leather case.

Another great set from the ‘go to’ dice company
These are now my third set of gem dice from DiceRoll UK and I couldn’t be happier.

Vivid green colouring, with a striking pattern. Clear numbering, etched to last a long time. Perfect edging and nicely weighted.

The pictures online are very good, a true representation of these fantastic dice.

If you’ve bought from this customer-friendly company before you KNOW the great dice they provide, along with prompt customer service and speedy delivery.

As a D&D player of 30 years this is the only place I’ll buy my dice from.
Review by Mark P
Gorgeous Dice, Great Service!
Beautiful set of dice, with a really satisfying weight to them. Numbers stand out cleanly against the Malachite, and from a quick test seem to be well balanced.

Ordered early Thursday morning, arrived Saturday (to NI, which after brexit can be a nightmare), and are the best presented and packaged dice I have and received, coming in a lovely leather wallet, with a foam insert to keep them well protected during delivery and beyond.

The price may put some off, but if you're a veteran player, or looking for a gift for one, I would highly recommend! What can I say, I just love fancy number rocks, and these are amongst the fanciest.
Review by Self confessed dice addict