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Polished Obsidian

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Product Description

Magnificent abyssal black polished stones crafted from real volcanic glass! Valued by medics and mystics throughout all ages, obsidian is the epitome of deviance and edginess.

This polyset with its sharp gold numerals conveys a neutral or evil power that strikes from the shadows with schemes and spells.

These dice are as hard as glass so we would recommend using them with a dice tray to protect your surfaces.

Excellent set of dice!
Great quality dice set which rolls very evenly and arrived surprisingly quickly in a lovely little box. This set is for my rogue and I've just ordered another set of gemstone dice from here for my warlock. Going to end up with far too many at this rate!
Review by Lisa
Gorgeous & chunky in a solid case. Went on to buy 4 other sets due to the high quality of these! See less
Review by Tom