Pastel Dice


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Product Description
An assortment of beautifully vibrant yet muted dice, each dice a unique and soft pastel colour, all finely finished with a white ink that helps makes the sharp numbering stand out.

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  • Full Polyset: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D%.
  • Shipped Loose

Pastel Dice

Great colours and easy to pick out
The pastel colours are fun and the numbers are super easy to read. More importantly, when you're a DM with 12 sets of these dice (like me), it becomes super easy to pick out all the dice of a specific type, like all the D6s, which speeds up my combat encounters. They're also perfect for new players, because instead of making them learn which dice is the D20, you can just say "roll the green one". Makes the game much more approachable!
Review by Andrew