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Pearlescent Dice - Crocodile Green

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Just like Lianne La Havas said: I'm dreaming of the Green and Gold
Very nice set of dice bought for one of my fellow players. In the past, he has managed to roll 6 1's out of 11 d20 rolls in a single night, which has a probability of 0.000000000000005. That's not an exaggeration, that's just a god damned scientific fact.
Now, since rolling these sweet baby greens, those 1's are a thing of the past, mostly.
Review by Rory Kennard
Just what I needed!
I ordered these for a member of my 5e group as he didn't have one complete set of die. He was amazed at the quality of the die and immediately set to rolling a new character.

As always the customer service absolutely blew me away, Karl took extra attention to my orders to make sure he got them right and I couldn't have asked for more!
Review by David Fayers