Royal Dragon - Blue


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Product Description

Despite not being the typical colours associated with royalty, these dice still exude an air of elegance and class -- vibrant blues within a silver metal dice and numbered with a sharp draconic golden font. 

More Information
  • Full Polyset: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D%.
  • Weighs Approx. 125 g
  • D20 Measures Approx. 20.0mm Face To Face
  • Shipped Loose


Royal Dragon - Blue

wonderful dice
I bought these on a whim for my blue dragonborn barbarian character but now they're my go to dice

I'll be buying from these guys again!
Review by Guy
Beautiful Blue Blocks of Brilliance!! My first set of metal dice was always going to take an age to find the right ones. The usual big stores (from a Google search) were all about the glitz and glam of advertising, so when I came across DiceRollUK, I thought, here we go again. I was wrong. Very wrong! My budget was 20 quid but it soon had soon doubled, and then more. I've now nearly spent a ton and am already trying to choose the next stunning set to add to my very small collection!
These blue metal Dragon Dice are hard to get used to but they're now utterly indespensible.
I am late forties, been D&D-ing for the last year and a bit, having last played in 1988. Loving being someone I am not (currently a level 9 High Elf). We meet every Thursday for hijinks in Tal'Dorai. My new heavy dice add weight to my gaming!
Review by Gavin W