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Shimmering Llama Dice

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Product Description
Stylish, shimmering, and slightly crazy. These dice from Q-Workshop are certainly an oddity. Glittery blue dice with white numbering and decorative flourishes!

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  • Full Polyset: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D%.
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Box Transcription - Rear
This is provided for accessibility
Have no fear!
Llama is here!
Want some special, dorky things?
Furry, fluffy, with no wings?
Dicey, twisty, strange a bit.
What a Llama in this crit!

Excellent order!
I ordered these for my other half, they are perfect! She absolutely loves the Llamas and as she is just getting into TTRPGs this has caused her to create at least 5 characters for d&d 5e in the last week!

Also, the customer service is absolutely incredible, I was blown away by the attention shown by Karl in making sure my order was just right!
Review by David Fayers